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bendog's Journal

11 October 1980
people keep asking me about the origins of my name.
"where's the dog bit come from?"
so here's the story.

in 1996 when i moved back to Perth from the country, there was a television show on SBS called 'liquid television' had something to do with mtv, anyway there was a short series on there called 'dogboy' which i used as the inspiration for my first irc nickname.
so i was dogboy for a while, but then someone registered the name, and i could no longer use it.
so i had to come up with another name, i was in a good mood that day, so i used HappyDog, which stuck for quite a while... but had various incarnations, such as FriskyDog, SadDog, MellowDog, etc...

it was during the summer of 97/98 that friends of mine in real life started to call me BenDog... i think it was my friend laura who started it... but it caught on, and soon most people were calling me that... more people knew me as BenDog than as Ben... but it was a few extra years before i started adopting it as the name i would tell people i go by. It proved useful to differentiate me from all the other Bens' when i was promoting gigs and setting up shows about town, and later DJing.

now most people call me BenDog.
at work i'm known as Mr Dog or "(your) Dogness"
and some people just call me dog.

anyway that's the story.